I arrived at Nadja’s salon, and she made me feel very welcome. I was a little tentative and nervous about pain and whether the result would be natural, but she put me at ease by explaining everything very thoroughly. We discussed shape and colour and Nadja has researched photos of my eyebrows where I had filled them in with pencil so she knew the effect I was looking for.

Nadja then commenced treatment by threading my eyebrows to remove any excess hairs and then applied numbing cream. This took about 20 minutes to kick in whilst the drawing process began. Using specific measuring tools, she worked out where my brows should be, as well as what shape worked best for my face. She also showed me some colour options and let me decide which I thought would be best.

The process was uncomfortable, but not painful. Its like a deep scratch, at first I felt nothing but over time I felt a little discomfort but certainly nothing unbearable. Nadja was asking me constantly whether I needed more numbing cream to make sure I was comfortable.

Around two hours later I was all done. The skin felt a little tender but that soon wore off. I was given in-depth information about aftercare and I have been in touch with small questions to which Nadja has answered promptly and thoroughly.

I’m so happy with the extremely professional experience I received and I would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family. In fact I am going to make sure my mum gets her eyebrows done very soon!

The results are beautifully natural and I’m so happy to not have to spend so much time every day in getting my eyebrows to look half decent only for them to wear off half way through the day. Thank you Nadja!!

Louise G